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What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea originated from Taiwan in 1980’s and nowadays you can see its footprint in 6 continents.

It is a beverage with a cocktail of tea, fruity syrup with/ without palm creamer well-shaken by hand. 
The tea normally comes with toppings, like Tapioca pearl, Fruity Bubbles, Aloe Vera, jelly etc. which gives the tea a twist that makes it so much more fun to drink!

What are Tapioca Pearls made of?

Tapioca pearl is made of the starch extracted from Cassava root, which is a kind of sweet potato.

When did Taste of Taiwan open their first shop in Denmark?

Taste of Taiwan open its first shop, as one of the first shop at all with this concept in Denmark 19. August 2012!

Is there Lactose in Taste of Taiwans bubble tea latte?

No, the creamer we use for our tea latte is lactose free.

Can I have my tea without toppings at all ?

Yes, and that is why we separate the price of toppings and tea.

So it is fair for people who don not want toppings at all.

Is it healthy?

Since the tea drink is based on green or black tea, it still contains the good and beneficial substance from tea. The only thing you need to watch out is the amount of calories. Normally the calories ranges 10~40 per 100ml.

I think the tea is a little bit too sweet for me, can you make the tea less sweet for me?

Yes, we can make our tea less sweet for you, and on the contrary, we can also make it sweeter if you ask for that.

Can I have my tea cold but without ice cube?

Yes, just remember to tell us while you are ordering.   

Do you have vegetarian/vegan options?
50% of our menu is vegan. We use loctose free creamer for milk tea, and all of our toppings are vegan, except the Pudding (which contains dairy) and the Aloe Vera Honey (which contains honey). Our fruit jellies are made with coconut water and contain no gelatine. 

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